Pour & Mix a Perfect Cocktail in 3 Seconds

//Pour & Mix a Perfect Cocktail in 3 Seconds

Pour & Mix a Perfect Cocktail in 3 Seconds

Cocktail-mixing is a craft that can be perfected only the most experienced bartenders. Every single ingredient has to be measured accurately, mixed at the proper temperature, and added at the right moment to complete the effect of a colourful, enjoyable, and attractive drink. To mix a perfect cocktail, it takes time, full attention, fresh shaker, and a skilled barman, who performs a show.

It all sounds perfect … unless you have a large number of orders waiting in line and the frequency of your guests’ demands’ increase to the level, at which even the most experienced or skilled person, shaking the drinks, can satisfy. Nevertheless, these situations easily happen at beach bars with good atmosphere and programs, events with masses of guests, or in the all-inclusive hotels with great capacities. To respond to the needs of such HoReCa services, we developed a solution, that brings together the finest cocktail ingredients and mixes them at the perfect flavour, temperature, and colour.

Development of the Tower Touch Was Answer to Our Customers’ Needs

Going digital is a trend, affecting all the industries, and the beverage sector is no exception. This is why we brought all drinks to one single dispensing system. The touchscreen module with 8 screens, each with space for up to 24 icons, allows the bar attender to precisely and quickly serve 64 different drinks on their own and numerous pre-programmed amounts and mixtures of drinks. A perfect cocktail is mixed and poured in just 3 seconds by pressing a single button.

Providing a feature, solving many challenges in the bars, the solution offers other benefits for your business, including complete consumption management by various software modules. Not only that the Tower Touch solution for bars, clubs, and all-inclusive hotels counts every poured drink or a combination of drinks, it can also be programmed to enable the pouring only after the transaction is performed through the register.

What about the Ingredients?

To fulfil our promise of being an all-in-one solution provider, in Nektar Natura drinks R&D department, our professionals developed cocktail bases, ready to be mixed with spirits. To mix a perfect cocktail, besides our fresh carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, our special drinks from the Cocktail Mix line are also integrated into the solution.

By integrating Nektar Natura Tower Touch all-in-one-beverage solution to your bar, you will be able to bring all your drinks from storage through one dispenser, mix a perfect cocktail in 3 seconds, and upgrade the consumption management to a whole new level.

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