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Nektar Natura Drinks
Natural & Fresh Flavours of Unrivalled Quality

Fruit, vegetable, carbonated, non-carbonated, chilled, hot, and special drinks
You choose, we make, you dispense. Ready to serve the flavours your guests like the most.

  • Over 200 different flavour variations of juice and soft drinks concentrates, created to satisfy the tastes of your guests.
  • The best ingredients from all over the world.
  • New and/or improved products every year, developed in our R&D department to satisfy your needs and your guests’ tastes.
  • Functional drinks, soft drinks, different mixed flavours and cocktail bases.
  • ICE – a flavoured ice drink, based on water, a refreshing drink-desert for the whole family.
  • To facilitate different dispensing solutions, our concentrated drinks are available in various packaging types.
Nektar Natura Non-carbonated Drinks

Non-Carbonated Drinks

Apple | Apple Natura* | Apple & Strawberry | Apple & Tomato | Aronia & Blueberry | Blackcurrant | Blueberry | Carrot & Apple | Cranberry | Elder | Forest Fruits | Grapefruit | Ice Tea | Lemon | Lime & Elder | Multi | Orange | Orange Premium** | Peach | Pineapple | Raspberry & Hibiscus | Red Beet | Red Beet & Apple | Sour Cherry | Strawberry | Green | Pink Grapefruit | Red Orange Premium**

* Apple Natura is an unfiltered variation apple drink.
** Orange Premium is orange drink with cells.

Nektar Natura Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks

Alpen Jodler | Bitter | Citro | Cola | Ginger Ale | Lemon | Lucky Wolf | Orange | Tonic

Nektar Natura Functional Drinks

Functional drinks

We developed functional beverages to convey benefits for everyone with a very intense lifestyle, such as physically demanding work or sports activity. They include beneficial ingredients that help the body recover from a bigger strain. In Nektar Natura, we have developed 2 special flavours of sports drinks that we are offering to our customers in HoReCa, corporate foods and public sector.

Orange | Lemon & Grapefruit

Nektar Natura Cocktail Bases

Cocktail Mix

Banana | Coconut | Grenadine | Lime | Mai Thai | Mint | Pina Colada | Sex on the Beach

ICE by Nektar Natura


Lemon | Lime | Melon | Raspberry | Sour Cherry | Strawberry | Watermelon

Coffee and Tea Nektar Natura

All Types of Coffee and other Hot Beverages
The aromas of warm beverages are especially tempting, and good flavours make your guests feel at home.

Bean, filter and instant coffee | Concentrates for tea | Powdered or other types of milk, suitable for the solution of your choice | Sweet hot beverages, such as cocoa or hot chocolate


(W x L x H mm)
385 x 257 x103

(W x L x H mm)
103 x 257 x 385

(W x L x H mm)
225 x 237 x 330

Canister 5L
(W x L x H mm)
145 x 193 x 251